Discover the Interzoo location Nuremberg: Franconian cuisine
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Discover the Interzoo location Nuremberg: Franconian cuisine

Trade fairs make you hungry: If you visit Interzoo from 7 - 10 May 2024 to see the world's most comprehensive range of products and services in the pet supplies industry and attend exciting short conferences, you can look forward to the diverse regional cuisine of the Interzoo location Nuremberg. Our insight into the traditions and curiosities of Franconian cuisine will make a visit to the Franconian metropolis during Interzoo 2024 a real treat.

Discover Nuremberg as an Interzoo participant: Franconian cuisine Whether it's "Drei im Weggla" or "Saure Zipfel" - in Nuremberg, a lot revolves around sausages. But vegetarian specialities also have a long tradition in Franconian cuisine. Our food tips for your visit to Interzoo 2024.

Nuremberg is known for its excellent cuisine. The Nuremberg Rostbratwurst in particular, now a "World Heritage Site" certified by the EU, has long been part of the traditional repertoire of Franconian cuisine. The name "Nuremberg Rostbratwurst" is protected: Only sausages that are produced in the city of Nuremberg and according to a defined recipe are allowed to bear this name.

Accordingly, there are dozens of restaurants in Nuremberg's Old Town alone, ten minutes by train from the exhibition grounds, that have Nuremberg Rostbratwurst at the centre of their menus - also as a vegetarian version. Many stalls offer the popular "Drei im Weggla", three small grilled sausages in a roll. There is even a museum dedicated to the famous dish: Insights into the craft and curiosities from more than 700 years of sausage history can be witnessed at in the Nuremberg Bratwurst Museum. Rostbratwurst sausages also form the basis for the "Saure Zipfel", sometimes also called "Blaue Zipfel": cooked in a vegetable broth with onions, oil and white wine, the sausages become a very special flavour experience.

Just outside the city gates of Nuremberg is one of the largest contiguous vegetable-growing areas in Germany. Popularly known as "garlic country", the region, whose development dates back to the 8th century, offers a wide variety of regional and vegetarian cuisine. Formerly served as a side dish, modern Nuremberg cuisine uses potatoes, asparagus, radish, pumpkin and savoy cabbage in soups, casseroles or spaetzle and dumpling variations to create new dishes. The asparagus harvest is in full swing at the beginning of May during Interzoo 2024 - the perfect time to savour the "white gold" from regional cultivation in Nuremberg.

Franconia's capital is also known for its oven-fresh Schäufele and crispy carp - and this is just a small selection of the wide variety of Franconian dishes. Discover the regional and delicious Franconian specialities in one of the many restaurants in Nuremberg's Old Town. You can find a selection of restaurants with Franconian specialities on the Nuremberg Tourism website. If you would like to learn more about Nuremberg's drinking and eating culture in a fun way, you can take part in culinary city tours with tastings at various stops. Bookings can be made in advance via Nuremberg Tourism.

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