Interzoo | Admission for trade visitors

Your admission as a trade visitor

The Interzoo trade fair is intended for trading companies that stock pets and/or pet supplies, manufacturers of pet food and accessories, veterinarians, official agencies and commercial users, such as pet clinics, non-medical pet practitioners, boarding kennels and grooming salons. Admission to Interzoo is restricted exclusively to trade visitors.  

This is the only way we can ensure the event’s competence as world-leading exhibition, the quality of the products and services offered and the success of your visit. 

Therefore, proof of trade visitor status must be provided when purchasing your entrance ticket. 

1. Who qualifies as a trade visitor at Interzoo? 

Professionals in the pet supplies market, persons employed in the following sectors: 

  • Pet stores (independent, chain and franchise) and other pet-related enterprises 
  • Mail-order trade and online shops that sell pet supplies 
  • Official agencies such as veterinary authorities 
  • Franchise organizations, purchasing syndicates 
  • Garden centres, agricultural merchants and do-it-yourself stores with pet department 
  • Wholesalers of livestock, pet supplies and aquatics 
  • Manufacturers of pet food and supplies, distributors 
  • Pet industry associations 
  • Consultancy, market research, training & education services allied to the  pet industry 
  • Dog training centres that sell pet supplies 
  • Retail food trade, drugstores and discounters that sell pet supplies 
  • Freight services, logistics and transport companies relating to pets 
  • Pet food technology 
  • Equestrian sports trade 
  • Seed and plant retail and wholesale trade  
  • Specialized trade for organic food and natural products 
  • Students of veterinary medicine 
  • Veterinarians, pet clinics, pharmacies, non-medical pet practitioners 
  • Pet grooming salons, pet boarding kennels  
  • Publishers, specialist authors 
  • Media service provider allied to the pet industry (eligibility in form of a personal written invitation from an exhibitor required) 
  • Zoological gardens, zoos 
  • Breeders supplying the wholesale pet trade 

The following are not admitted: private visitors, hobby breeders, members of breeding and animal-lover associations, insurance companies and all persons not employed in the sectors stated above.


2. What documents are required as proof of trade visitor status?  

  • A Business document which clearly indicates that the company trades in goods exhibited at Interzoo, e.g., business registration, business card, an extract from the commercial register or a recent supplier invoice 
  • Employees can prove their eligibility with written confirmation from their employer on letterheaded paper stating that they are to visit the exhibition on behalf of the company 
  • Students can prove their eligibility with a valid student’s identity card and a valid matriculation certificate stating the faculty, e.g., veterinary medicine 
  • Official ID card issued by an official agency entitled to admission (e.g., veterinary authority) 
  • Media service provider allied to the pet industry need to submit a written personal invitation from an exhibiting company 
  • Admission vouchers are not accepted as proof of eligibility. The business registration document or another business document is also required. 


3. Where can you register and prove your trade visitor status? 

Use our Online TicketShop! 
Register yourself and your employees/colleagues conveniently before the start of Interzoo in the Online TicketShop to avoid waiting times on site. After successfully ordering, you will receive your e-ticket by e-mail. 

You can also buy your ticket on site at the box offices or redeem vouchers. Please note that a processing fee of EUR 10 will be charged when redeeming vouchers on site.