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HowTo – Add & edit your company profile

How can I edit an existing company profile or add further company profiles?

In the SelfService you have the possibility to edit an existing company profile at any time. Update the desired information and use the extensive possibilities to present yourself - in this way you can further optimise your online profile on the exhibition website. The online profile includes company and product-specific information and completes your exhibition presence - onsite & online.

As an exhibiting company, convince your potential customers about you. There is no second chance for a good first impression.

In addition to the basic company information that is already taken from your registration, you can complete your company profile with a meaningful company description, your slogan and relevant keywords. Use pictures and videos to convey a visual impression. Add one or more employees to your profile to make it easier for (potential) customers to contact you.


You can, of course, add further company profiles at any time in SelfService.
Dashboard with overview of company profiles

Open overview company profiles


Click on the "Company Profiles" button on your dashboard.

In the overview of all company profiles, you can now either edit an existing profile or create another company profile.

Edit company data of the selected company profile

Edit existing company profile


1. Click on the company profile in the overview or use the "Edit profile" icon.

2. Update and/or change the desired data in the company profile.

3. Update your online profile on the (exhibition) participation page: HowTo - Update online profile. Your changes to the company profile will then be displayed on the exhibition website.

Optimize company profile through slogans, keywords, social media channels, employees, corporate videos and linked product profiles

Optimise company profile further


Fill out the company profile completely!

  • Add your slogan and suitable keywords.
  • Link your social media channels
  • Show your products / services
  • Make company information available for download as a PDF
  • Provide employees for direct contact (an employee can be assigned to a product as a product expert)

Some contents are language-dependent, so we recommend maintaining them in German and English - please note the tips in SelfService.

Create and edit new company profile

Add another company profile


1. Click on the "Plus" icon or the empty tile and create a new company profile.

2. Enter all relevant information about the company and upload the desired images/data.
The company profile is divided into several content-specific sections that you can select via the tabs (Company Description, Logo & Pictures, Downloads, Employees).

Select and update company profile

Show new/additional company profile in the online profile on the exhibition website


As a final step, you must now update your online profile for (exhibition) participation. Select the company profile you just created and it will be displayed on the website: HowTo - Update your online profile.

Be sure to assign appropriate product groups to your new company profile as well: HowTo - Customise product groups & industries.

→ The changes to the company profile will be displayed on the exhibition website after your online profile has been successfully updated.

→ As an exhibiting company, you can assign your profile to other suitable product groups. These will be displayed under "We offer" in your online profile on the exhibition website.

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If you need assistance in managing your online company or product profile, our support team will be happy to help you.

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