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HowTo – Change company name


How can I change my name for the online profile, online floor plan, exhibition guide and TicketCenter?

You can easily customize your company name in SelfService by yourself. Would you like to present your brand at an exhibition? Then you can do this too.

Overview: Company name / Brand will be shown in the exhibition guide, the online profile, the TicketCenter and the online floor plan

The name you enter here will be displayed in your online profile and used in the hall plan, exhibition guide and TicketCentre.
In this way, we ensure that you present yourself with your desired company name or brand in a consistent manner across all media.

Please note that changes to the exhibition guide can only be incorporated up to 2 months before an event. We reserve the right to shorten the name for the trade fair guide if necessary.

Note: You cannot change your contract data yourself in SelfService. For changes to the contract data, please contact our support:

Dashboard with overview of company profiles that can be edited

Select the relevant company profile


Click on the "Company Profiles" button on your dashboard.

Then select the corresponding company profile from the overview.

Edit company data

Change company name


1. Select the tab "Company data".

2. In the field "Company name in online profile / brand", change the company name as desired and save the change.

3. Update the related online profile about your (exhibition) participation: HowTo - Update online profile. With this step the changed company name will be displayed online.

→ The change will be visible in the online profile, floor plan, exhibition guide (mind deadlines!) and TicketCenter.
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Update your online profile

How do I update my online profile when participating in an event?

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Add & edit your product profile

How can I add new/additional products to my online profile or edit existing product profiles?

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Add & edit your company profile

How can I edit an existing company profile or add further company profiles?

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Support SelfService

If you need assistance in managing your online company or product profile, our support team will be happy to help you.

Send email +49 9 11 86 06 88 06