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  • Accessories for dogs, cats
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  • Accessories for dogs, cats
  • Chew toys
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Product information

What makes the Wooden Chew Elbow truly special is the careful selection of materials from the trunk and branches of coffee trees.

The Wooden Chew Elbow is created from the very branching points of the tree's limbs, where the wood is harder, denser, and features natural grooves and knots.

  • Much higher hardness compared to standard products.
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity, lasting through your dog's chewing process.
  • A fascinating and challenging chewing toy.
  • Especially suitable for dogs with strong chewing abilities

The Wooden Chew Elbow product of Buddy Wood Chew is handmade, completely natural, with significantly higher hardness and durability, making it extremely safe for dogs.

  • 100% pure coffee wood grown in Tay Nguyen, Vietnam
  • High durability due to the age of the coffee trees (over 20 years), ensuring long-lasting use
  • Completely safe for pet dogs: No harmful chemicals - No calories - No caffeine
  • Fully crafted by experienced artisans.

Buddy Wood Chew stands as a trusted and top-quality manufacturer and distributor of dog wood chew products.

The benefits of Wooden Chew Elbow:

  • Keep dogs happy, reduce stress, and relieve tension
  • Minimize the habit of chewing household items
  • Clean teeth and gums, preventing dental issues
  • Serve as a reward for your beloved pets.
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