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Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball

Key Facts

  • Dental Care Complex
  • Joint Protector
  • Hairball Controll


  • Food, treats

Key Facts

  • Dental Care Complex
  • Joint Protector
  • Hairball Controll


  • Food, treats
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Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball: The Perfect Recipe for Long-Haired Cats

Choosing the right food for our feline friends is no simple task. The selection of ingredients is crucial for their long-term health and well-being, and longhaired cats have particular needs. This is where Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball comes in, a hypoallergenic recipe made with fresh turkey and duck meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and malt extract. What makes this food so special? Let us explore the wonderful nutritional journey that is Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball.

100% Natural Fresh Ingredients: Proximity and Quality Guaranteed

At the heart of Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball are 100% natural fresh ingredients sourced locally. The choice of these ingredients not only highlights a commitment to quality but also ensures that your cat receives top-notch nutrition. Fresh turkey meats, pumpkin, apple, and fresh blueberries combine to create an irresistible culinary experience for your feline companion.

Fresh Turkey Meats: Quality Protein for Feline Vitality

Turkey, the star of Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball, not only provides a delicious flavour but also offers a lean and protein-rich source. Quality protein is essential for maintaining the vitality and muscle mass of cats, especially those of longhaired breeds that may require additional nutritional support.

Pumpkin, Apple, and Fresh Blueberries: A Festival of Flavours and Nutrients

The inclusion of fresh pumpkin, apple, and blueberries not only adds a variety of flavours to your cat's diet but also provides a range of essential nutrients. From vitamins to antioxidants, these natural ingredients contribute to the overall well-being of your cat, supporting their immune system and promoting healthy skin and fur.

Joint Protector: Special Care for Active Cats

Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball is not just about satisfying your cat's appetite but also caring for their long-term well-being. The joint protector incorporated into the formula aims to maintain joint health, a crucial aspect for longhaired cats that are often more active and playful.

FOS and MOS: Promoting Balanced Digestion

Digestive health is a priority in the formulation of Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball. The presence of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) in the recipe contributes to balancing intestinal flora, facilitating healthy digestion, and optimal nutrient absorption.

Dental Complex: Healthier Feline Smiles with Every Bite

Dental hygiene is often overlooked, but Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball considers it fundamental. The dental complex present in the formula not only indulges your cat's palate but also contributes to maintaining their teeth and gums healthy with every bite.

Malt Extract: The Key to Preventing Hairballs

In the quest for complete nutrition, Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball goes the extra mile by including malt extract in its formula. This key ingredient plays a fundamental role in preventing the annoying hairballs, common in longhaired cats. Malt extract helps soften ingested hair and facilitates its passage through the digestive system, preventing the formation of unwanted obstructions.

Grain-Free: A Conscious Choice for Long-Haired Cats

The absence of grains in the Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball recipe not only responds to the growing demand for grain-free options but also reflects a conscious choice. Cats, especially those of longhaired breeds, can benefit from a grain-free diet, minimizing the risk of food sensitivities and offering a choice closer to the natural feline diet.

Conclusion: Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball, More than Food, a Commitment to Feline Health

In conclusion, Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball is not just food; it is a complete nutritional experience and a commitment to the health and happiness of longhaired cats.

Give your cat the nutrition it deserves with Dibaq Sense Cat Hairball, and get ready to see them thrive in a life full of vitality and well-being

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