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curli Belka Series


  • Accessories for dogs, cats


  • Accessories for dogs, cats
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Product information

Controlling and guiding even larger dogs

The requirement for a harness suitable for big dogs is quite different. The pulling force of a large dog creates completely different demands on the materials and the shape of the harness.

We had three years of intense development before we came up with the Belka Harness Series. The placement of the buckles and choice of material took into consideration the complexities of the strain of a pulling dog and the stress the materials will need to endure because of that. Next, we had to make sure that the harnesses allow the dog freedom of movement, while making sure the dog owner has full control. In order to achieve this, we placed rings in the front and the rear – the front for more direct commands and the rear for more athletic activities.

The Belka Harness is named after one of the first two dogs to go into outer space and return safely to Earth, as part of the Soviet space program in 1957.


Each Belka Harness has two safety D-rings. This gives you freedom to choose from a pulling-ring a guiding ring or to hold your dog close on the padded handle.


Your Belka Harness has an interated spine protection to secure your dogs health while wearing the harness.


To ensure a perfect fit, the Belka Harnesses can be easily adjusted to your dogs body shape.


The Belka Harnesses are equipped with a reflective piping to provide extra security for you and your dog.


The Belka Harness has an integrated dog tag: the curli DogFinder tag. You can easily register your dog with the unique ID you find on your harness at the DogFinder website. In this way missing dogs find home faster.A life time free curli Safety Service.

The best solution if you regard guiding and controlling your medium to large sized dog as a matter of trustful and precise communication between you and your dog.

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