Smart, healthy and eco-friendly: International pet supplie industry is in step with the times at Interzoo 2022

5/24/2022 | Interzoo 2022

Smart, healthy and eco-friendly: International pet supplie industry is in step with the times at Interzoo 2022

At Interzoo 2022, established brands and start-ups will present almost 4,000 innovations and highlights on around 105,000 square meters of gross exhibition space.

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Dog and cat There is healthy and sustainable pet food for all age groups and constitutions. // © WZF

Wiesbaden/Nuremberg – Digitalization, premium products, sustainability: The growing trends seen in recent years are reaching new quality levels, with a wealth of variety in the products and services offered by manufacturers. At Interzoo 2022, the world's leading trade fair for the pet industry, established brands and start-ups will have around 105,000 square metres of exhibition space in which to present almost 4,000 new products and highlights for dogs, cats, small mammals, pet birds, fish, terrarium pets, horses and garden animals. The organizer, WZF GmbH – Pet Industry Services, is also launching a platform for innovations for the first time with its Fresh Ideas Stage.

Current lifestyle developments, with longer times spent working at home and with more awareness of our own health, also have noticeable repercussions for the pet supplies market. There is a greater focus on pet health, and sustainability considerations are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to ingredients and packaging. There are therefore many new pet foods with unusual recipes that combine scientific discoveries with sustainability and animal health. Pet care articles and digital products and services are also continuing to develop apace.


Pet food for all stages of life and constitutions

Not all dogs are the same. And the same goes for cats. That’s why the pet food market now offers all kinds of products to over all stages of a pet’s life and its constitution. The importance of alternative sources of protein, meat from “animal welfare” production and organic vegetables is also growing. Artificial additives are unnecessary. For pets with sensitive nutritional requirements, there are also many different products available to suit each case.

And the level of variety is growing: In addition to wet and dry food, for example, there are now also ice cream and smoothies for dogs, made from a mixture of meat, fruit and vegetables. Pets with dental problems can enjoy food without pain. And there are also special boosters for pet immune systems following illnesses or periods of elevated stress. Vitamins, immunoglobulins and hemp offer a promise of new energy for our animal friends.


Technology makes life easier for people and animals

What have digitalization and technology to do with keeping pets? Businesses have applied creativity and a pioneering spirit to develop digital solutions to make life easier for people and animals. So, for example, there are automatic feeders with cold packs, which are controlled by an app to release meals at set intervals for cats that are home alone. That ensures they get their meals reliably and on time. For fur and claw care, there are multifunctional grooming machines with variable attachments, so pets can enjoy the same level of professional grooming as their humans. In addition, automatic door openers are available for henhouses, water dispensers with programmed volume release control, self-cleaning cat toilets, wearable smart stethoscopes and network-capable smart cat flaps. Many of these products also gather data on pet activity, as well as on drinking and feeding patterns. Evaluating this data can identify signs of disease at an early stage if changes in behaviour are recorded.


No conflict between sustainability and premium quality claims

Environmentally friendly does not mean doing without. Consumers have known this for a long time. This trend is also growing stronger and stronger in the pet market. Regional ingredients and short transportation distances are a big plus in terms of sustainability. Dog bowls made of natural materials, microbiological smell and stain removers, extra-light paper bedding, recycling food waste and converting it into pet food … these are all measures that both improve quality of life and look after the environment.

And when it comes to quality, pets no longer have to settle for less than their owners in any regard: There’s a special air bag to protect them in the car. Instead of a cage, rodents, birds and other animals can now enjoy a “lounge”. Water-tight surfaces embellish the outdoor area. Cat furniture no longer has to be purely functional, but fits right into the modern living environment. Aquariums come with lighting scenarios. Organic shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, and even pregnancy tests for pets are now taking that extra step toward living at a human level.

Anyone looking for even more inspiration, in addition to the products and services at the trade fair stands, in the Start-up Area and the Product Showcase, will find it in the many presentations offered by the supporting programme, at the Fresh Ideas Stage, for example, or at the exhibitors’ stands themselves. There’s also a dedicated session on sustainability on the first day of the trade fair. The new Interzoo app provides an overview of all the products and services available, in addition to the opportunity to network, plan an itinerary, and much more. All details are also available at

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