Trends in aquaristics at Interzoo 2024
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Trends in aquaristics at Interzoo 2024

The global aquaristics industry is consistently evolving: With a comprehensive range of products, it responds to trends such as sustainability and is constantly developing design and technology. One month before the start of Interzoo 2024, we take a look at new trends and developments in aquaristics with two industry experts, Axel Pinders (Dohse Aquaristik, manufacturer and supplier of products for aquaristics and terraristics from Germany) and Frank Schäfer (Aquarium Glaser, wholesaler of ornamental fish from Germany).

Aquaristics professionals and industry decision-makers meet at Interzoo 2024 Aquaristics professionals and industry decision-makers meet at Interzoo 2024.
What are the most important trends in the aquaristics industry? 

Axel Pinders (Dohse Aquaristik): Aquascaping and natural aquariums enjoy great popularity.  There is a growing interest in highly aesthetic aquariums, in which plants and natural decorations are harmoniously integrated. In addition, technological innovations in connection with sustainability are of major importance, as aquarists are developing a strong awareness of ecological responsibility and are increasingly requesting sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 

Frank Schäfer (Aquarium Glaser): Saving energy is the major topic, because aquaristics is traditionally a hobby for average earners. With constantly rising energy costs, it helps to look at the potential savings that can be made with energy-saving technology and which animal and plant species can be kept in unheated or technology-free aquariums. 

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Which animal group is in the spotlight this year, which specific species? 

Schäfer: In the freshwater sector, there is currently a trend towards rare and new tetra species, as was last seen in the 1960s. In marine aquariums, the focus will remain on invertebrates, especially corals. The fish here are like birds in the garden: you love them, you feed them and provide them with nesting boxes, but the plant culture dominates the horticultural activities. Coral fish such as the damselfish Chromis viridis are ideal for such underwater "gardens". 

Pinders: It is remarkable and very positive that there is an increasing demand for culturing and breeding ornamental fish due to sustainability considerations in order to protect wild stocks in the long term. 
What role does the topic of sustainability play with overall social developments in mind?   

Pinders: Indeed, the topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in general terms and thus also in aquaristics and terraristics. For example, customers are paying particular attention to minimizing the power consumption of electrical appliances. The use of environmentally friendly materials or products and decorations made from natural and renewable resources are also becoming increasingly important.      

Schäfer: Of course, the topic of sustainability is very important in the ornamental fish industry, but the concept of sustainability in relation to fishing is a very European perspective: Wild catches from local fishermen in South-East Asia, South America and Africa can also be the result of sustainable work. 
In its 2024 trend report, the social media platform Pinterest predicts that interest in aquaristics will increase. Under the term "aquatecture", style-based approaches and smaller aquariums and terrariums are predicted to be en vogue; do you share these predictions? 
Pinders: We also have the feeling that the enthusiasm for aquaristics has increased significantly and is still increasing. The aquarium is no longer seen "just" as a habitat for the animals, but also as an element of style and design. More emphasis is being placed on the visual effect of the aquarium and attempts are being made to recreate a natural environment as accurately as possible. 

Schäfer: The beauty of aquaristics is the wonderful variety. In fact, the hobby never gets boring. Both nano aquariums and stylish aquariums are attracting a new group of people to the hobby, which we appreciate a lot. All facets of the hobby have their fans: nano, aquascape, plant tanks, fish aquariums, seawater and so on; there are technology freaks and breeders of difficult species. You can pursue this hobby for a lifetime and always find new incentives to continue! 

What kind of technical innovations can aquaristics fans expect this year? 
Pinders: Aquaristics fans can look forward to improved LED lighting technologies and more advanced filter technology. Over the course of the year and at the upcoming Interzoo, we will be presenting over 100 new products, so there will also be some innovations in the field of technology. 

You will find the Dohse Aquaristics stand at Interzoo 2024 in Hall 1 at stand number 1-202. Aquarium Glaser will be at Interzoo 2024 as a visitor. 

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