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Ain Puffer


  • Zubehör für Hunde, Katzen


  • Zubehör für Hunde, Katzen
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This is a collar integrated ultra-light heating padded jacket with perfect warmth and easy fit.

It is an all-in product that contains everything from a warm padded coat, neck warmer, and martin-gale collar.

An all-in-one collar design is applied to help ease the wear, reducing stress on both dogs and dog owners when actually wearing it.

170g (6oz) of ultra-lightweight high-lift insulation per meter is applied, and the warm body heat circulation design prevents cold wind and discharges unnecessary moisture, providing warmth and comfort at the same time.

For more complete warmth, the area that wraps around the back legs is designed wide, and banding details are added to the lower part that wraps around the belly for long-backed, skinny-chested dogs, allowing for wider chest circumference adjustment.

The strong safety integral collar also provides very high safety with a tensile load of up to 580kg.

The 3 layer of excellent thermal insulation can be customized according to various bodies and neck length.

Even in winter snowstorms, worry-free waterproof coating material is applied, and 3M reflective line applied throughout the body provides high safety.

It consists of 8 sizes and 5 colors that can be worn up to 50kg dogs.

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