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The stage is set for Interzoo.digital!

Wiesbaden – From A for Aquariums to Z for Zoonotic diseases: This year’s purely digital Interzoo will provide information about innovations from the pet sector on exhibitors’ stands, on virtual stages and in topic cafés.

It all starts on 1 June. Interzoo.digital is opening digitally at 9 a.m. with currently over 200 exhibitors from 39 countries. By the beginning of May, visitors from 90 countries had already registered for this year’s digital version of the world’s leading trade fair for the pet sector. The online event is offering five virtual stages and cafés running in parallel as a supporting programme.

Stage 1: “Interzoo Live”

The trade fair starts at 9.30 a.m. with Norbert Holthenrich, President of the German Pet Trade & Industry Association (ZZF), who will welcome all visitors and exhibitors to the “Interzoo Live” stage. Subsequently, Katharina Engling, Chair of the Interzoo Trade Fair Advisory Board, will take a look at the current situation in the pet industry during the Covid-19 crisis and the opportunities Interzoo.digital is offering to the sector worldwide. Then, our special honorary guest Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, will officially open the event with a welcoming address from Berlin.

To conclude the opening ceremony, Dr Andrea Beetz, psychologist and President of the International Society for Animal Assisted Therapy (ISAAT), will vividly explain the importance of pets to people during the pandemic. In her talk “How pets support people during the pandemic - Studies on the effect of companion animals in crisis situations” and a subsequent interview, she will use current studies to explain the importance pets have in crisis situations and their influence on our mental health and well-being.

In the afternoon, a new sustainability study for the sector will be presented for the first time in an Interzoo Academy Sustainability Session with the Antwerp Management School. This will go into how the importance of the issue in the pet sector has changed from 2018 until now and which actions companies in the pet sector can take.

Following this, the focus will turn to Latin America and the Amazonas region. The premiere of a documentary film by Don McConnell “Wild Caught” (with German subtitles) about fishing in the Amazonas and its effects will start a series of fishkeeping/terrarium animal sessions during Interzoo.digital.

The further highlights involving fishkeeping will include a presentation by Matthias Wiesensee from Petosocial about my-fish.org and influencer marketing, the conference of the Ornamental Fish International Association (OFI) and a final event summing up the trade fair on Friday afternoon.

Stage 2: “Industry Spotlights”

The “Industry Spotlights” stage will provide a channel for special topics about the sector and lectures given by exhibitors in order to present themselves in speeches and go into the specifics of their products in more detail. There will be representatives from companies such as Büngener Pet Health, Diana Pet Food, Gimborn, Hunter, Laroy, Vafo and many more.

Stage 3: “How to and Best Practices”

On the “How to and Best Practices” stage it will be possible to experience a variety of sessions about petfluencer marketing with different focal points, for example, e-commerce strategies, start-up marketing and marketing on social media. Thomas Poschen, CEO & co-founder of petfluencer.com, will start, followed by other well-known representatives of the sector such as Princess Maja von Hohenzollern, who will talk about building up her brand. Further exciting application and best-practice examples on the topics of pet care and aquascaping will invite visitors to discover new ideas and gain some inspirations.

Stage 4: “Markets, Trends and Research”

Market conditions, trends and developments on the Chinese and West European markets will be presented on one stage by Miranda Zhou and Raphael Moreau, both experts from Euromonitor International. Another highpoint on this stage will be when management consultant and coach Peter Holzer speaks about the effects of digitisation on corporate culture, management and communication.

Moderated by Dr Stefan K. Hetz, Scientific Specialist in Pets and International Relations at the ZZF, several discussion rounds will be taking place with international specialists, including Mike Baltzer from Shoal, an NGO, dedicated to protecting freshwater species, Leandro Sousa from the Universität Pará in Brazil, who will deal with the ecology of tropical catfish, and Saulo Usma from WWF Columbia, who has dedicated himself to protecting wetlands in accordance with the RAMSAR convention. Zoonoses will be the topic presented by Professor Simone Sommer from the Universität Ulm and invasive specifies that of Helen Roy from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

Special developments and framework conditions of the German market will be addressed by the panel discussion organised by ZZF, the professional sponsor of Interzoo, with the animal policy experts from the Bundestag parliamentary parties on the last day of the fair.

A summary concludes the supporting program of this year’s Interzoo. digital.

Stage 5: “Products and Companies”

In the “Products and Companies” channel, specialist visitors can find out about the participating exhibitors in corporate videos and get plenty of new ideas by making visits within the digital trade fair.

Important forum for the exchange of experts

Additional specialist topics concerning animals and trends in the sector will be published soon on the website www.interzoo.com. Thus, alongside digital networking opportunities, and a variety of products and highlights, Interzoo.digital will offer the pet sector an important forum for dialogue between experts in the worldwide pet sector. In the cafés “Aquaristic & Terraristic”, “Grooming”, “Pet Food”, “Sustainability” and “Petfluencer”, discussions can be held with experts about these important sector topics via chat or video. In addition, many of the contributions from the supporting programme will be recorded and will be available to visitors on demand until the end of June.

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WZF (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH) organizes Interzoo in Nuremberg with the German Pet Trade and Industry Association ZZF (Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe Deutschlands e.V) as the founder and professional sponsor. It is the owner and organizer of the world's largest international trade fair for the pet industry. With more than 1,900 exhibitors and about 39,000 trade visitors from over 125 countries, Interzoo is the undisputed world's leading trade fair for pet supplies. WZF has appointed NürnbergMesse with the organization of Interzoo on its behalf.

WZF is a one hundred per cent subsidiary of ZZF. With its business fields trade fairs and events, media work and public relations, education and the issuing agency for identification markings for protected species WZF makes an important contribution to the economic and communicative development of the pet industry.