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Premiere of Interzoo.digital: Close companionship between humans and pets

Interzoo is entering new digital ground with an online edition.
Interzoo is entering new digital ground with an online edition. // © WZF

Wiesbaden – This year, WZF (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH), the organizer of the world’s leading trade fair for pet supplies, is entering new digital ground with an online edition. At Interzoo.digital from 1 to 4 June, 336 exhibitors from 48 countries – including 92 start-ups – will take advantage of the special opportunity to present their innovations and novelties for pets to visitors from over 100 countries. A rich supporting programme on virtual stages and in themed cafés with networking opportunities offers added value.

Dogs and cats are the most common pets. Accordingly, products for these four-legged friends are the most strongly represented at the fair (49.9 percent), followed by products for small mammals (13.0 percent). Aquatic products (8.4 percent), products for birds (6.8 percent), terrariums (6.1 percent) and pet food technology (3.3 percent) are also represented by well-known industry players. The delightfully high percentage of start-ups (27.3 percent) can be explored in a separate area, marked with a rocket as a launch symbol.

The exhibitors log in from all six continents: 23 percent from Germany, 44 percent from other European countries, 27 percent from Asia, 5 percent from North America and a small proportion each from South America, Africa and Australia.

Very good development for the global pet market

Overall, the global pet market has developed very well and reached sales of more than EUR 123 billion in 2020. Nevertheless, the past year was also marked by challenges due to the pandemic: “We had to deal with supply bottlenecks, a competitive raw material market and special hygiene regulations in retail”, stresses Norbert Holthenrich, President of the German Pet Trade & Industry Association (ZZF), which is also the honorary sponsor of the event. But in most countries pet stores remained open all the time and were able to supply pets with the necessary products even during the lockdowns.

Expenditure visibly increased worldwide

The trend towards four-legged pets, above all to dogs and cats, which has been going on for many years, has been intensified since the beginning of the pandemic and the increased retreat to one’s own home for living and working. Especially in difficult times, a pet is a moral support and a close companion. Conversely, owners are prepared to invest more and more in the well-being and care of their best friends.

The market research institute Euromonitor International predicts that global sales with pet supplies will continue to rise by more than 7.5 percent in 2021.  According to the Institute’s estimates, EUR 58.0 billion (2020: EUR 54.2 billion) will be spent on pets in North America this year. In Western Europe, expenditure is expected to increase from EUR 28.2 billion to EUR 29.0 billion and in Asia-Pacific from EUR 20.3 billion to EUR 22.8 billion. Within Europe last year, Germany ranked second after Great Britain in terms of expenditure (EUR 5.6 and 5.5 billion respectively), followed by France with EUR 5 billion and Italy with EUR 3.4 billion. Most pets (excluding ornamental fish) were found in Russia (50.7 million), Germany (34.9 million) and France (32.4 million) in 2020.

According to a survey by ZZF and Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf (IVH) in Germany, almost every second household has pets. The cat is the most popular: In total there are 15.7 million cats. They live in 26 percent of households. In second place are 10.7 million dogs in 21 percent of households. In addition, there are 5.0 million small animals such as dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs in 5 percent of households. Ornamental birds, aquariums, garden ponds with fish and terrariums are less common, but they are also present in 2 to 4 percent of households respectively.

“Animal welfare, sustainability, species protection and also the protection of the environment of animals – these are important issues in the pet industry”, says Holthenrich. “On our platform Interzoo.digital, you will encounter them again and again: In the offers of the manufacturers and in our supporting program. May our first digital edition of Interzoo contribute to publicizing the positive role that pets can play in our society. And at the same time, may it demonstrate the enormous innovative power of the global pet industry for the professional care of our pets.”

In order to make all this possible, the digital trade fair offers optimal solutions: “In contrast to the physical fair, visitors were able to familiarize themselves with the Interzoo.digital platform before the official start of the fair. During the soft opening phase, more than 3,000 participants were already active and requested more than 3,000 contacts. Over 8,000 chat messages were already exchanged during this time”, explains Dr. Rowena Arzt, Director Exhibitions at WZF. “And I am very excited to see how these figures will develop over the duration of the fair. We will then report on this in our trade fair review!”

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WZF (Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer Fachbetriebe GmbH) organizes Interzoo in Nuremberg with the German Pet Trade and Industry Association ZZF (Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe Deutschlands e.V) as the founder and honorary sponsor. It is the owner and organizer of the world's largest international trade fair for the pet industry. With more than 1,900 exhibitors and about 39,000 trade visitors from over 125 countries, Interzoo is the undisputed world's leading trade fair for pet supplies. With the distribution of the offer packages for “Interzoo.digital”, WZF relies on the proven collaboration with its partner NürnbergMesse.

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