8 - 11 May 2018 // Nuremberg, Germany

Presentation of pets

Animal protection is very important in Germany and arouses great public interest. Legislation on animal protection is very strict and animals are not regarded as objects, but as fellow creatures that can feel pain and suffering. The German animal protection regulations also apply to exhibitors who wish to present live animals at the Interzoo 2016.

In consultation with the responsible veterinary authorities, we have therefore prepared rules that must be observed for the presentation of live animals.

Application forms and regulations for download

Application - presentation of small mammals

Application - presentation of reptiles & amphibians

Application - presentation of ornamental fish

Application - presentations with dogs (grooming, etc.)

Provisions on presentation of pets

Information for exhibitors of koi carp

Regulations koi KHV-disease

Regulations bird flu

Contact for exhibitors

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